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Hey this is everything u need to know about Bardock's Story Before the Dragonball saga began... Years ago, Freeza took over the Saiyan planet and used its inhabitants, the Saiyans, to act as mecenaries to destroy other planets. On one battle, Bardock is with his teammates and wipes out another planet. But, Tooro, a surviving member of the dying planet, curses Bardock with the ability to see his cursed future. Tooro is killed and Bardock recovers back in the Saiyan planet. Meanwhile, Bardock's son, Kakarot, is born. In addition, Freeza begins to grow tired of seeing the Saiyans as one of his henchmen avises that the Saiyans can become a threat when banded together. At this time, Vegeta is a kid and has a high energy level for his age. He asks Freeza to send him to another planet to destroy and leaves with Nappa. As Bardock recovered, his teammates leave to destroy another planet without him. After regaining consciousness, Bardock learns what has happened and leaves to join his teammates. At the planet, all goes normal until Bardock sees his teammates dead. A dying Saiyan is found by Bardock. From him, Bardock learns of Freeza's plot to destroy the Saiyan planet. Next, Bardock encounters some of Freeza's henchmen and fights. But, Bardock sees his son growing up in his head and loses concentration. Despite the headache, Bardock manages to defeat all the henchmen except for Dodoria. Dodoria blows a single fireball and defeats Bardock. Meanwhile, Kakarot is sent to the planet Earth to destroy it when he grows up. Bardock survives, but is severely injured. Despite this, he travels back to the planet Vegeta to warn the other Saiyans of Freeza's plot. Bardock finds and tells his comrades, but the Saiyans think of the plot as a joke and mock Bardock. Bardock is angry and decides that he must change the future... alone. Freeza's spaceship approaches and Bardock flies toward it in rage. (Meanwhile, Coola's ship flies away on the other side.) Hundreds of Freeza's henchmen are despatched from his ship and attack Bardock. Bardock defeats those who fly at him. Freeza exits his ship and laughes at Bardock. Bardock does his final fireball in an attempt to destroy Freeza and alter the fate of his planet. Freeza laughes some more and easily creates a super fireball. His fireball overwhelms Bardock's fireball and continues flying towards the Saiyan planet. Bardock, the planet Vegeta, and all in its path (including Freeza's henchmen who were sent to destroy Bardock) are destroyed. Bardock sees the future one last time before he dies. He sees his planet get destroyed... He sees his son growing up... And he sees a grown up Kakarot encounter Freeza... And dies a happy death... Vegeta and Nappa were at another planet at the time, so they survive. They are told that their planet was hit by a meteor and destroyed, but Vegeta gives no signs of concern. Kakarot's two other brother (Rabitz and Taurus) were also elsewhere and survive. As for Kakarot, he lands on planet Earth and is found by Son Gohan. Gohan adopts Kakarot and names his new grandson Gokou. Thus, begins the magnificient story of Dragonball... Notes: Bardock is the father of Gokou and Raditz. Vegeta is the Prince of the Saiyans. His father, the king, was killed by Freeza, but Vegeta doesn't know. Until the Freeza Series, Vegeta believed that his planet was destroyed by a meteor. When Freeza's spaceship was heading to Planet Vegeta for Freeza to destroy it, Coola's spaceship was going the other way.
Trunks Story In a different timeline... Androids 17 and 18 were released. Android 17 killed Dr. Gero and began the androids began their reign of terror. Gokou faced the androids, but suffered a heart attack. Without the proper medicine, Gokou died. Without Gokou, the Z warriors were too weak to stand a chance against the androids. In turn, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tenshin-han, can Klilyn were killed in battle. Chaos wrecked everywhere. Cities were destroyed by the androids just for the fun of it. Many were killed without reason. A few years later... Trunks is now a teenager and Gohan is grown up. Master Roshi, his turtle, and Oolong spent their days hiding in a submarine. Chi-Chi and the Ox-King lived in fear and mourn over Gokou. Bulma learned how to live the terrible environment and goes about his everyday business. Anroids 17 and 18 continue to destroy everything in their path. Their victims tried calling the army, but the federal troops have already been killed by the androids. Trunks is riding home with Bulma. There is a radio report about another disaster the androids caused. Trunks becomes angered with rage at such injustice. He flies off to the devastated city and anger continues to build because he knows there is nothing he can do; he knows that he is too weak to fight the androids. Gohan descends in front of Trunks and agrees to train Trunks. The two head back to Bulma's house. Gohan and Trunks spend days in training. Gohan is trying to teach Trunks how to reach Super Saiyan level, but Trunks cannot, despite all his anger. Trunks gets distressed, but Gohan continues to encourage Trunks. Meanwhile, Androids 17 and 18 continue their destruction over the world. Gohan and Trunks decide to face the androids. Gohan is standing up against Android 17, but Trunks is getting kicked around by Android 18. Gohan flies over to aid Trunks and has to fight both androids now. The androids throws huge fireballs at Gohan and Trunks and fly away. Gohan wakens and struggles to get his body over to the unconsicous Trunks. Gohan is badly injured and lost an arm in battle. Gohan finally reaches Trunks, struggles to get to his bag of senzu beans, and discovers that there is only one piece left. He feeds it into Trunks' mouth and collapses. Trunks awakens and quickly gets Gohan back to Bulma. Gohan recovers, but is missing a limb now. He continues to train Trunks, but Trunks still cannot reach Super Saiyan level. Days go by, and the androids are still a menace in endangering the Earth. Gohan and Trunks decide to face the androids again. Trunks feels ready to go, but Gohan hits him behind his neck and knocks him out. Gohan knows that Trunks is still not ready, and goes to fight Androids 17 and 18 himself. Trunks awakens and discovered what has happened. He quickly flies over to the city the Androids were in. The city is destroyed, and Gohan is lying on the ground... dead. There is a storm. Rain is falling hard. Trunks looks at the dead Gohan and becomes enraged. He screams and finally reaches Super Saiyan level. Trunks decides to fight the androids again and encounters them. He quickly discovers that even though he is in Super Saiyan form, he is still no match against Androids 17 and 18. The androids kick Trunks around and everything slowly goes blank. Trunks awakens to find himself bandaged in his bed. Bulma had taken his body home. Bulma tells Trunks that she has been working on a time machine and tells Trunks to go back in time to before Gokou got his heart attack. Bulma gives him heart attack medicine for Gokou to prevent his death so that the whole future would change. Trunks agrees. He gets in the time machine capsule that has the word "Hope" painted on it and travels to the past. Bulma waves goodbye and wishes him good luck. Trunks Story ends here, but what happened is told below: Trunks traveled back to where the ending of the Freeza Series took place. He kills Freeza and all of Freeza's crew and introduces himself to the Z warriors. Here is where we first encounter Trunks in the Dragonball Z series. Everything we know of him happens. He gives Gokou the heart attack medicine that Bulma gave him and saves Gokou's life. Then, he trains with Gokou and Vegeta. It is now the Cell Series. Trunks (now known as Future Trunks because the Trunks in the timeline we know of is a baby) joins the struggle against Cell. Cells kills Trunks, but Trunks is resurrected by a wish Dende made for Shenlong. Trunks, now even stronger from all the battles and training, heads back to his time. To his dismay, nothing in the future was changed. However, he is a lot stronger now. He confronts the anroids of his timeline again and easily kills them now. Then, he sees form 1 Cell and easily kills him too. There is peace in his timeline now. Notes: In another timeline, Future Trunks used the time machine to get a device to destroy Androids 17 and 18. Cell was finally developed from the remains of Dr. Gero's lab and killed Trunks. Then, he stole Trunks' time machine and traveled back in time to the timeline we know of. That is how Cell existed. In Future Trunks' timeline, Android 16 was never released. There is no explanation on how Trunks acquired his sword. the sword was only given at a time where the world was not threatened by the androids.
Vegita Series Everyone is at peace after the great battle against Piccolo. Is all this about to end when Gokou learns about his true identity?... This is the series where it all began. In this page, I will give you a brief summary of what happened in this series. Anyway, the story starts out when: Gokou has a reunion with his friends and introduces them to Gohan, his five year old son. However, a Saiyan alien lands on Earth and to seek Gokou. He introduces himself as Raditz, Gokou's older brother, and asks Gokou to join him in the Saiyan quest of universal destruction. But, when Gokou refuses, Raditz kidnaps Gohan to blackmails Gokou to kill innocent civilians. However, Gokou remains loyal to Earth and decides to rescue Gohan through another method-- by killing Raditz! Surprisingly, Piccolo allies with Gokou and the first fight of Dragonball Z began. Piccolo decides to gather energy to do a super fireball on Raditz. Meanwhile, Gokou stalls time. At the end, Gokou puts his brother in a hold. At the advantage, Piccolo unleashes his fireball, which blasts and hits both Gokou and Raditz! Klilyn finds the fighters and laughs at the dying Raditz as he mocks him that Gokou will be brought back to life through the power of the Dragonballs. Gokou's brother replies that the device he uses to detect energy levels can also be used for communication. He sends the news about the Dragonballs to his two comrades, and dies. Because Piccolo discovered that Gohan had hidden powers when Gohan unknowingly headbutts and damages Raditz, he kidnaps Gohan in an attempt to train him. Gokou, rather than retiring in Heaven, is sent on a quest to run on Snake Way and to seek King Kaiou to receive training for the upcoming fight with the upcoming Saiyans. The rest of the Z warriors (Klilyn, Yamcha, Tenshin-han, and Chauzu) are gathered to receive special training from Kami. Season #1 of Dragonball Z on American television ends here. One year later, Nappa and Vegeta (the evil Saiyans) arrive to Earth. (But, they intend to find the Dragonballs to be granted the wish of immortality rather that to bring back the life of their unworthy comrade.) First come the battle against the Saiba-men (little Green monsters) that Nappa planted. The Saiba-men fight, but are eventually killed by Vegeta and Klilyn. (At one of these fights, Yamcha is killed.) After their defeat, our heroes fight Nappa; Vegeta stands in the background and watches. In a series of battles, Chauzu dies as he sacrifices himself in an attempt to blow up Nappa; Tenshin-han dies by using up his strength to try to kill Nappa; Piccolo dies when he covers Gohan from Nappa's fireball. Finally, Gokou arrives and easily defeats Nappa. Vegeta sees Nappa's uselessness and kills him with a single fireball. As you all can guess, the remaining Z warriors begin to fight Vegeta. Gokou begins to fight Vegeta. The odds are against Vegeta, so Vegeta creates a energy ball that substitutes the moon. Then, he turns into his full moon stage and turns into a giant gorilla. Our heroes get kicked around, but Vegeta later gets his tail cut off by Yajirobe. Gokou donates energy from his Tenki-Dama to Klilyn. This fireball hits Vegeta, but Vegeta survives. Meanwhile, Gohan's tail grows back. Gohan turns into his full moon stage and kicks Vegeta around. Later, Gohan gets his tail cut off by Vegeta and finally turns back into a little boy... landing right on top of Vegeta. Vegeta, weary and defeated, crawls to his space shuttle and leaves Earth. This is not the end of Vegeta... Notes: Gokou: Looks the same as he did in Dragonball, except that he's grown up now. He lets the beaten Vegeta live as he did for Piccolo, despite that they're enemies. Gohan: Gokou and Chi-Chi's son. He is a little boy who looks like Gokou when he was young, except that Gohan has a different pony-tail. Klilyn: Identical to as younger self in Dragonball, but is slightly taller. Piccolo: Identical to how he was in Dragonball. (no change in appearance) However, Piccolo begins to turn good in this series. Vegeta: Evil Saiyan from the planet Vegeta. He is the prince of the Saiyans. (His father, the king, was killed by Freeza.) After getting beaten by our heroes, Vegeta vowed revenge against Gokou; this was the first time Vegeta has ever been beaten.
The Freeza Series Dragonball Z returned for another season after the fight against Vegeta. This series, twice as long as the Vegeta Series, caused the popularity of Dragonball Z to skyrocket. Years ago, Freeza killed Vegeta, the Saiyan king, and conquered the Saiyan Planet. Then, he used the primative Saiyan inhabitants as mercenaries to conquer other planets. Vegeta's son, named after his father, also worked for Freeza despite the fact that he was the Saiyan Prince. A legendary hero rose. His name was Bardock, and his story is told in the Lonely Final Battle. The tragic fate of the Planet Vegeta and the Saiyans were at hand, and only few Saiyans were left now. After the Vegeta Series, only two pure Saiyan breeds were left. One was the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta. The other was Bardock's son, Gokou... After the death of Raditz, Vegeta learns from the message from Raditz's scouter that Dragonballs existed. Later, he figured out that Namek Dragonballs also existed. After getting beaten by Gokou, Vegeta retreats to Freeza's planet to recover. Now, he carries on the new goal of gathering the dragonballs for himself to be granted the wish of immortality. He also plans to kill Freeza. Freeza is also in search of the Namek Dragonballs to become immortal and begins to terrorize Namek for the dragonballs. Meanwhile, Bulma learns about the Namek Dragonballs PoPo, Kami's assistant. With the hope to gather the dragonballs to wish their friends killed in the Vegeta Series back to life, Gohan, Klilyn, and Bulma venture off to Namek on the spaceship that Kami rode on to travel to Earth years ago. Great battles on Piccolo's home planet are to take place... Gohan, Klilyn, and Bulma learn that Vegeta is also on Vegeta and also learn about Freeza. Gokou is informed of this and recovers from the battle against Vegeta by eating a senzu bean from Yarijobe. Using Nappa's space pod after it was enhanced by Dr. Briefs, Bulma's father, Gokou travels to Namek. At the same time, the deceased Yamcha, Tenshin-han, Chauzu, and Piccolo are training with Kaiou. Meanwhile, Vegeta begins his fight against Freeza. With strategic actions, Vegeta kills Dodorian and Zarbon, Freeza's right and left hand men, and steals the captured dragonballs from Freeza. However, Vegeta learned from Dodorian that the Saiyan planet was not destroyed by a meteor as stated, but by Freeza. Ambitions to kill Freeza are strengthened. Freeza learns of Vegeta's betrayal and calls forth the Ginew Squad. Team Ginew, consisting of five members who constantly pose in funny dances, have a reputation as being powerful warriors of destruction. Gokou finally lands on Namek. The Z warriors now have a new enemy, one who must be defeated for the safety of the entire galaxy. Everyone plans to defeat Freeza, but Freeza is too strong. Realizing that he himself cannot defeat Freeza, Vegeta joins the Z warriors, but boasts that it is only to insure that Gokou survives the battle so that he could kill him personally. (However, Vegeta ends up marrying Bulma, and Bulma gets pregnant a son that would become known as Trunks.) Team Ginew is killed by the combined forces of Gokou and Vegeta (except for Ginew, who accidently turned into a frog when he tried to swap bodies with Vegeta and Gokou threw a frog in his path). Then, follows the fights against Freeza himself. To everyone's surprise, Freeza has the ability to transform into a few stages. With each pysical transformation, Freeza's power increases. Klilyn is killed in battle and Gokou becomes enraged in an anger so deep that he too undergoes a transformational powerup. Gokou's hair becomes golden and spikes up, and he reaches Super Saiyan level for the first time. The tides of battle now turn to Gokou. With a single energy blast, Freeza and his planet are blown. Freeza learns the true powers behind a Super Saiyan. The Z warriors are back on Earth. The dead Z warriors are granted back to life. Everyone thinks that Gokou was killed in battle, but Gokou really escaped to planet Yardrat, where he learned how to teleport. Cold, Freeza's father, learns about Freeza's defeat and quickly gathers Freeza's body parts, which are floating around in space. His henchmen quickly re-ensemble Freeza. (This is why Freeza was half robotic.) Freeza tells his father about Gokou and his powers, but his father doesn't believe him. Cold continues to boast that he is the universe's strongest warrior and best space conquerer, and can never be defeated. The villains land on Earth to seek revenge for Freeza's defeat. The Earth becomes endangered once again. All of a sudden, a figure appears out of nowhere. It is adult Trunks, but no one knows who he is or where he came from. He turns into his Super Saiyan level and aids the Z Warriors in their battle. Trunks single-handed kills Freeza and Cold with the aid of his sword. Trunks introduces himself as Bulma and Vegeta's son. He grew up and traveled back in time to prevent his chaotic future. Trunks tells about deadly androids. He carries heart attack medicine for Gokou. Trunks also tells that Gokou is not dead, but will appear in front of them in a matter of minutes. Everyone doubts whether or not to believe this stranger. In a few minutes, Gokou really teleports back to Earth in front of everyone and meets Trunks. This story is continued in the next Dragonball Z series--the Cell series To learn more about Trunks, read about Trunks Story Notes: Gokou: Looks the same as he did in the Vegeta Series. However, he is able to turn into his Super Saiyan form 1 in this series! Gohan: is the same height as Klilyn now and has a mushroom haircut. (not strong enough to reach Super-Saiyan mode yet) Klilyn: Looks the same as in the Vegeta Series. Piccolo: Is officially one of the good guys now. (still no change in appearance) Vegeta: Begins to turn good, but doesn't admit it. He uses the excuse that he is only aiding Gokou so that Gokou will live long enough for him to kill Gokou personally. (does not turn Super Saiyan yet) By the end of this series, Vegeta begins to settle down his space conquering adventures and no longer becomes a threat to Earth. However, his is extremely jealous that Gokou and his own future son has the ability to turn Super Saiyan; he wanted to be strongers. Afterall, he was Prince. Trunks: Bulma and Vegeta's son. Because his father has black hair and his mother has blue hair, Trunks' genes gave him purple hair. Trunks comes from the future to save Gokou in an attempt to alter his future. Trunks is a cool looking character with a split haircut. In his timeline, he learned how to turn Super-Saiyan. Freeza: galaxy conquerer. He killed King Vegeta, the king of the Saiyans, and took over Planet Vegeta, where he used the Saiyans as mercenaries. Then, he killed Bardock and destroyed Planet Vegeta. Freeza can change into a few forms before reaching perfect form, but he finally is killed by Trunks. Garlic Jr. made a brief appearance in this series. He escaped from the portal of nothingness, but was defeated and entrapped again.
The Cell Series After the vicious battle against Freeza, our heroes enter the age of Cell... After years of anguish from a defeat that took place decades ago, Dr. Gero continues to plot revenge against the character who destroyed Red Ribbon and ruined him- Gokou. Android #19 is the first of a series of creations to destroy Gokou. Along with the scheme, Dr. Gero requests Android #19 to make him into a cyborg so that he would become stronger, and this bears witness of the transformation of Dr. Gero to Android #20. The Z Warriors meet with Androids #19 and #20 and the two sides engage in battle. Gokou leaves the battle while Vegeta faces Android #19. The android is destroyed and Dr. Gero is shattered. Despite the grave defeat, Dr. Gero's cybernetic programming enables him to self-repair, so that he may live to fight again. Android #20 then works on developing a better android model. Meanwhile, he unleashes two of his other creations, Android #17 and Android #18. Androids #17 and #18 get annoyed of Dr. Gero. As a result, Android #17 kills Dr. Gero. But, the doctor had just finished creating Android #21, who is still developing in a giant test tube. Before he dies, he issues the final command to his new android to feast on the rebellionous androids. Android #17 and Android #18 leave the lab and unleash Android #16. But as it turns out, Android #16 is a peaceful android. (This can be shown through his love towards the wild animals.) As time passes, the Z Warriors become aware of the new androids as they battle again and again but always reach a stalemate. However, the Z Warriors are still not match for the androids because the androids are robots, and therefore do not tire in a long battle while the Z Warriors eventually run out of energy. Gokou suffers a heart attack in one battle and retreats. Trunks, who was sent back in time by future Bulma with medicine to heal Gokou's heart so that Gokou would live to kill the androids and thus change the future, gives Gokou the medicine. Gokou is saved, but the Saiyans still do not continue to fight the androids. Instead, they train in a chamber to get stronger. Meanwhile, Piccolo fuses with Kami, his half father, to become stronger (His story is told in the Dragonball series.) Dende, a Namek child, replaces Kami as guardian of the dragonballs. Androids #16, #17, and #18 go to seek Gokou to destroy him. Piccolo finds the androids first and begins to fight them. Back in Dr. Gero's lab, Cell has finished developing and breaks out of the giant "test tube", promising to fulfill his creator's wish. Cell flies to find Androids #17 and #18. On his way devours the souls of the unlucky civilians he passes to become stronger. Finally, he meets with the other androids. To our heroes' surprise, they learn that Androids #17 and #18 know nothing about Cell. Cell and Android #17 threaten to kill each other. Android #17 heads out to fight him. But, he does not stand up to Cell and is easily defeated. This is when our heroes learn the great powers of Cell. Android #18 is now worried, but Android #16 flies out to fight Cell. To everybody's amazement, Android #16 is able to stand up to Cell. However, he is still destroyed. Cell now heads for his goal and devours Android #17 with his tail. Cell now changes into Cell--form 2. With the power of Android #17 combined to his, he becomes stronger than ever. Then, he heads over to devour Android #18. Android #18 tries to escape, but she is still eventually devoured. Cell now changes into Cell form 3, and becomes "Perfect Cell" Cell, after devouring the souls of so many people, is no longer an android and becomes organic. After Cell is gone, Bulma collects the body parts of Android #16 and repairs him. Android 16 is re-programmed to fight on the Z Warriors' side. Our heroes now head out to fight Cell, and Android #16 is once again destroyed. Cell grows strong enough and reproduces. From his body come 7 Cell Juniors, miniature blue duplicates of Cell. With the death of Android 16, an enraged teenage Gohan powers up and reaches Super Saiyan level 2. Gohan then destroys all the Cell Juniors and fights Cell. In a following battle, Cell is kicked and Android #18 is spit back out. (She is unconscious.) Cell turns back into form 2 and is defeated. But, he activates his self destruction mode so that when he dies, the world will blow up with him. To save the Earth, Gokou teleports Cell out of Earth and into Kaiou's planet, where Cell blows up. Thus, Gokou, Kaiou, Bubbles, and Gregory die as well. The Z Warriors mourn the loss of Gokou, but cheer at the victory over Cell at the same time. A fireball flies out of nowhere and pierces through Trunks. Upon Trunks' death, Cell, in form 3, appears. He tells that when he blew up, a brain cell survived. From the cell, other cells multiplied and he was once again formed. Cell happily laughs as he tells that he is amazed he is able to rebuild himself into form 3! Then, Cell threatens to destroy the earth. Now it is up to Gohan to try to save our planet. With one arm (the other injured when he went to let a fireball meant for Vegeta hit him), Gohan prepares a fireball. He fires at Cell and Cell fires back. A stalemate is meant, but with Kaiou's help, Gokou is able to talk to Gohan and encourages him. Meanwhile, Klilyn protects the unconscious Android #18 and Yamcha, Tenshin-han, and Vegeta attack Cell in hope that this will Gohan distract Cell. With the help of the now dead Kaiou, Gokou, also dead, is able to communicate with Gohan and encourages him to use all his power to defeat Cell. Gohan overpowers Cell and Cell is disintegrated by Gohan's fireball. (But, Sataan takes credit for Cell's death because of his lies to the reporters.) At the end, the warriors gather the dragonballs to bring those killed by Cell back to life. However, Gokou is still dead because he was already brought back to life once and cannot come back again, but tells that he is okay and is now with Kaiou. Android #18 awakens and flees. However, everybody learns here that Klilyn has develped a crush on Android #18! At the end of this series, there is a short memorial about the life of Gokou. Notes: Dr. Gero is angry at Gokou because Gokou destroyed Red Ribbon, the military corporation Dr. Gero worked for, when Gokou was just a kid. Dr. Gero was a character from Dragonball. Tao Pai-Pai also makes an appearance in this series. He built a fort and charged people to hide in it. He claimed that it would protect them from Cell. Gohan easily destroyed this building and Tao Pai-Pai fled away once again. Cell is really from the future. In Future Trunks's timeline, Cell killed Trunks and stole his time machine to travel back into the timeline we know of.
The Boo Series Seven years passed since the Cell Game. Much has changed during this era of peace. Gohan is a student of Orange Star High School, and became the boyfriend of Videl, Sataan's daughter. Trunks is now eight years old. His best friend is Goten, Gohan's little brother who is one year younger than Trunks. Klilyn married Android #18 and became the father of Marron. Vegeta settled down after Gokou's death. The peace will now last long... Gokou is competing in a fighting tournament of the dead. His meets a stalement with his new friend and opponent, Paiku-han. On Earth, Gohan is training Goten and Vegeta is training Trunks. Gohan and Vegeta become shocked at the fact that Goten and Trunks can reach Super Saiyan stage at such young ages. There is another Tenkaichi Boudoukai on Earth. Goten and Trunks want to attend in the competition, but are banned because they are too young. However, they steal a competitor's costume and wear it. They battle Android 18 and their disguise is revealed. Piccolo faces someone known as Kaiou-shin, but freezes upon sensing his opponent's power. Gokou is granted a single day of life to fight at the tournament so he is also present. It is Gohan's turn to compete. He has assumed the identity as a masked crime fighter known as the Great Saiyan-Man. Gohan powers up and turns Super Saiyan mode. This blows off his disguise and the audience learns that the Great Saiyan-Man is really the nerd Gohan. Spopobitch and Yamu, two competitors with a "M" on their foreheads, fly out to the battle ring and approach Gohan. Then, the two mysterious men take out a lamp and use it to absorb Gohan's energy. Gohan falls unconsicous, Spopobitch and Yamu fly away, and everyone else become shocked and wonder what just happened. Kaiou-shin and his partner approach the Z warriors and revive Gohan. Then, they tell their story. They are really godly beings beyond Kaiou and are here to stop the plot of Babi-di and Darbura. Babi-di is an ugly little being who wants to destroy all life just for the fun of it. Darbura is the Prince of Darkness. Babi-di and Darbura are allied at the task of reviving someone called Boo. To do so, a lot of energy is needed. Everyone learns that Spopobitch and Yamu are zombies of Babi-di. That is why they absorbed Gohan's energy. Allowing Sopopobitch and Yamu to attack Gohan was part of the plan to follow them to Babi-di's lair. A new terror breaches over the Earth. The Z warriors decide to help Kaiou-shin for the sake of their planet, and follow Spopobitch and Yamu to Babi-di and Darbura's lair. Babi-di and Darbura's minions are killed in the battles to come. Our heroes face Darbura now. Unaware of Darbura's ability to "stone", Klilyn and Piccolo are turned into stone. The only remedy to the curse would be Darbura's death. Darbura is eventually killed and Klilyn and Piccolo are restored to normal. Learning that becoming Babi-di's slave will make him stronger, Vegeta volunteers to become Babi-di's slave. A "M" appears on Vegeta's forehead and he turns evil once again. Majin-Vegeta looks forward for another battle against Gokou and hopes to defeat him once and for all. Vegeta's power donation to Babi-di grants enough energy to revive the fat being known as Boo. Boo is re-awakened and Babi-di rides around the city on top of him. Cities begin to get terrorized. Majin-Vegeta knocks out Gokou, but realizes that good triumphs over evil. He regains his sanity and truely becomes good. Majin-Vegeta goes off for Boo and fights him. Boo is a lot stronger and has the advantage. In a final effort to defeat Boo, Vegeta self-destructs, hoping that his sacrifice will take Boo down with him. To his dismay, Boo survives. Even in Super Saiyan level 2, Gokou is unable to defeat Boo. Rage increases, and Gokou reaches Super Saiyan level 3 for the first time! Meanwhile, Bulma gathers the dragonballs to revive all the civilians killed by the Majins since the Tenkaichi Boudoukai. Boo grows tired of being Babi-di's slave and kills him. Then, he purifies himself by fission and splits into two beings. One is pure good, and the other is pure evil. The two Boos fight and the evil one turns the good Boo into a cookie. The cookie is eaten, and Boo powers up in a body transformation. The fat Boo is now leaner and more muscular. Meanwhile, Gohan heads to Kaiou-shin's planet to receive training. As a sign of respect, he wears the Kaiou-shin suit. Gohan pulls out the legendary Z Sword and begins to train under Dai Kaiou-shin, the Elder Kaiou-shin. Gohan is learning how to use his hidden powers without getting angry to go Super Saiyan mode. Kaiou-shin reflects at his past. When he was young, he lived in peace with his family at his home planet. Then, an evil sorceror, Babi-di's ancestor, used Boo to terrorize. (At the time, Boo was smaller than how he appears during the current section of the series.) Boo killed all of Kaiou-shin's family members. The Kaiou-shins cursed Boo into his fat form and made him dormant. Kaiou-shin, his partner, and Dai Kaiou-shin are the only Kaiou-shins left. Now, years later, Boo has been revived. Everyone is at Sky Palace (Dende and PoPo's palace) except Gohan, who is still training under the Kaiou-shins. Gokou taught Goten and Trunks the art of fusion. Goten and Trunks fuse and become Gotenks! Then, he teleports to Kaiou-shin's planet and watches everything through Kaiou-shin's crystal ball. Boo heads for Sky Palace to look for the "strong" being he sensed. He needs to absorb more powerful beings to be restored to his original form, the stronger form that he was in before the dying Kaiou-shins cursed him. The "strong" being in which Boo searches for is Gotenks. Goten and Trunks are training in a room inside Sky Palace. Piccolo tricks Boo into waiting for the boys to come out. Time passes by slower in the room, so it will buy some time for the boys to train more. Chi-Chi, seeing Boo, goes up to him to scold him for killing so many innocent people. Boo turns Chi-Chi into an egg and squashes it. Boo grows tired of waiting and threatens to be taken into the room in which Goten and Trunks are in, or else he will kill everyone at Sky Palace. Piccolo, knowing that he is too weak to fight Boo, takes Boo to Goten and Trunks with the hope that the boys have become strong enough to fight Boo. Goten and Trunks fuse into Gotenks and fight Boo. Gotenks is able to stand up to Boo, but neither side is winning. Piccolo blasts the doorway in the room. Then, he tells that without the exit, everyone will remain trapped in it forever so Boo can no longer kill any more people. Gotenks argues with Piccolo that they too have becomed trapped. Boo creates a fireball that produces a portal exit. He exits the room and returns Sky Palace. Gotenks and Piccolo look at each other in grief; they are not trapped and Boo is free. Super Saiyan Gotenks tries to create the same fireball that Boo created, but is too weak to. He powers up and reaches Super Saiyan level 3. Now much stronger, he is able to produce the portal. Piccolo and Gotenks exit the room and face Boo once again. In the battle followed, Sky Palace is destroyed. Super Saiyan level 3 Gotenks is overwhelming Boo and winning. Boo is thrown back to Earth. Gotenks and Piccolo return to Earth to search for Boo's body. Boo survived the attack and reappears. Gotenks prepares to fight again, but the fusion wears off. Goten and Trunks unfused are too weak to fight Boo. Gohan completes his training with Dai Kaiou-shin. He chooses a change in clothes to wearing his father's suit and wishes everyone goodbye. Gokou wishes his son luck, but envies that he cannot help because he is dead. Kaiou-shin's partner teleports Gohan to Earth. Gohan appears in time to save Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo. Gohan beats Boo and Boo self-destructs. Thinking they won the battle, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Boo fly off. They see Sataan and Dende on their journey and take them with them. A being flies towards them. It is Boo! Goten and Trunks fuse again and are in Super Saiyan level 3. Eagerly wanting to fight again, Gotenks boasts about beating Boo. Taking advantage of the distraction, Boo absorbs Super Saiyan level 3 Gotenks and undergoes another body change. Now a lot stronger, Boo overwhelms Gohan. Boo throws a fireball at Gohan. Gohan tries to block, but another fireball pushes Boo's fireball away from Gohan. The ally is Tenshin-han. However, Boo prepares another fireball. In the judgement court, King Yemma grants Vegeta life so that he could help save the planet. In Kaiou-shin's planet, the Kaiou-shins tell Gokou about fusion earrings. Kaiou-shin and his partner demonstrate. Each partner wears one of the earrings and the to permanently fuse. The earrings are given to Gokou. He is to give one to Gohan so that he and Gohan could fuse to beat Boo. To bring Gokou back to life, Dai Kaiou-shin exchanges his life for Gokou. Gokou's halo disappears, and Dai Kaiou-shin falls dead. Then, he re-awakens with a halo on top of his head. Gokou thanks everyone and teleports to help save Earth. Boo is about to throw a huge fireball at Gohan. Gokou teleports to the scene and throws a fireball at Boo. Boo is sliced and his legs and lower part of his antennae are cut off. Gokou tells Gohan about the fusion earrings and throws one to Gohan. Gohan catches it and prepares to wear it. The cut off part of Boo's antennae engulfs Piccolo and Boo changes into a stronger form again. The cut off lower body of Boo walks and kicks Tenshin-han unconscious. Then, it engulfs Gohan and Boo powers up again. Gokou feels despair again. Vegeta appears and aids Gokou. Gokou tells Vegeta about the fusion earrings and Vegeta finds the earring dropped by Gohan when Gohan got absorbed. Gokou and Vegeta are pulled together and become Vegetto! Vegetto beats Boo, but purposely gets absorbed by Boo to save their comrades. The absorption cancelled out the effect of the permanent fusion and Vegetto splits back into Gokou and Vegeta. They find and rescue Goten, Trunks, Gohan, and Piccolo by carrying the bodies and escaping through one of Boo's pores. Good Boo is also still in Boo's body. As the characters left Boo's pores, they returned to their original size. Meanwhile, absorbing Vegetto had given Boo enough energy to complete his phase change. He powers up as the escapes from his body takes place, and returns to his original form. "Original" Boo is back. Boo does a giant fireball and blows up the Earth. The newly fused Kaiou-shin teleports to help Gokou teleport Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Gohan, Piccolo, Dende, and Sataan to safety in Kaiou-shin's planet. Boo teleports and follows Gokou. Gokou and Boo battle. Gokou gets beaten and is weak, so Vegeta joins the fight. Vegeta admits that Gokou is better than him for the first time and then fights Boo. Boo beats Vegeta and is about to kill him, but Sataan pops up and threatens Boo. Boo attacks Sataan but Sataan dodges the punch. All of a sudden, Boo goes in pain and spits the good fat Boo out. The two Boos fight and the good Boo gets beat unconscious. Gokou and Vegeta continue to face Boo. Vegeta tells Kaiou-shin to gather the Namek dragonballs. He does so, and makes the first wish to restore the Earth. The second wish revives all the civilians that Boo killed. The third wish is saved for later. Everyone is back on Earth except Gokou, Vegeta, and Boo. Gokou begins to create a Genki Dama while Vegeta distracts Boo. Our heroes on Earth tell people to raise their hands. Doing so will donate energy to Gokou's fireball. However, no one listens. Sataan, still famous after the Cell Game, raises his hands. Following the example of their idol, everyone on Earth raises their hands. Gokou gets enough energy for his fireball and he fires it. Boo is too strong to get blasted and holds the fireball back. Kaiou-shin makes the last wish from the dragonballs to restore Gokou's energy. Gokou's power restores from his weakened state and he uses his revived strength to strengthen his fireball. Boo, unable to repel Gokou's Genki-Dama, is killed by the fireball. Our heroes have won the battle. Fat Boo awakens. Our heroes debate on whether or not to kill him, but Sataan pleads that this Boo saved his life. Boo is spared and joins the Z warriors. Ten years later... Goten and Trunks are teenagers. Gohan married Videl, and the two became parents of five-year old Pan. Gokou wished the evil Boo back to life to fight him again. The wish reincarnates Boo into Ubuu; all evil cleansed. Gokou is training Ubuu. There is peace on Earth... Notes: Vegeta intentionally let Babi-di transform him into Majin-Vegeta so that he would get stronger than Gokou and be able to finally defeat Gokou. Vegeta becomes truely good in this series. Android 8, Android 17 and Bora made an appearance at the end of the series where they raised their hands to donate energy to Gokou.